Love Your Planet

An eye for an eye? We prefer a tree for a hammock! Every Star-Sleeper Hammock you buy will result in the planting of a tree by the National Forest Service through our donations. That means more places for you to hang your hammock, and more nature for you to enjoy.

Love Your Mind

Getting a good night’s rest is essential to any outing. Studies have shown you can avoid insomnia and get a deeper, more relaxed sleep when using a hammock. Love your body, love your mind, and make the most out of your outing by investing in a Star-Sleeper Hammock!

Love Your Wallet

Buy a Star-Sleeper Hammock and you can be sure you’ll receive a product that is light-weight, easy on the environment, and easy on your wallet! Tents, sleeping pads, air mattresses… the gear is heavy, and the costs add up! So ditch the gear, and get a Star-Sleeper. Your wallet will thank you!

Star-Sleeper Hammocks

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Some of my earliest and fondest memories are of camping under the stars. I joined scouting at the age of five, and it was there that I discovered my passion for the outdoors. Connecting with nature and learning practical outdoors skills from such a young age helped shape me into the person I am today, and gave me wonderful memories that will last me a lifetime.
However, these memories are paired with reminders of the lack of sleep and the aching pains that sleeping on the ground gave me. Exiting scouting and entering adulthood gave me full control over my camping experience, and I knew I deserved better than an aching back and groggy mornings every time I wanted to re-connect with nature.
That’s when I came up with the idea for the Star-Sleeper Hammock, a comfortable, durable, and sustainable hammock that will ensure you’re well-rested and relaxed every night that you spend in it. Gone were the days of hauling my bulky tent and sleeping mat around with me for miles and miles. Star-Sleeper Hammocks are lightweight and compact, which make them a breeze to bring on any trip you’re planning. Their easy set-up and take-down ensure that you can spend your time relaxing in nature like you’d intended, instead of wrestling with those tent poles we’ve all learned to loathe.
Hammocks’ rocking motions are scientifically proven to give you a deeper sleep. This will provide you with better concentration and alertness the next day, which any seasoned traveler knows are essential to having an enjoyable and successful journey. A deeper sleep and a lack of back pain are sure to improve any former tent-camper’s outdoor experience.
As a former scout, I’ve always cared for nature and its maintenance. I’ve gained so much from the outdoors, and it’s important to me that I give back. Sustainability is important to all of us at Star-Sleeper Hammocks, which is why our hammocks will improve your outdoors experience while also improving the world! For every Star-Sleeper Hammock sold, a tree will be planted by the National Forest Service through our donations, so you’ll always have a place to hang.
Maximize your outdoors experience and improve your sleep under the stars. Get a Star-Sleeper Hammock and feel the difference for yourself!