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The Star-Sleeper Hammock Tent

Imagine never having to fuss with awkward tent poles, not needing to carry around heavy yet still uncomfortable sleeping pads, and being able to take a quick nap along a stream without swatting away pesky bugs! The Star-Sleeper Hammock Tent is a fantastic way to get a good nights sleep while away from home, and protects you from mosquitoes and other flying insects with the built in mosquito net! The Star-Sleeper hammock tent takes less than 3 minutes to setup and tear-down so you can take a much needed rest at any point along your favorite trail!

Comfortable and Spacious

The Standard Star-Sleeper Hammock Tent is wide and spacious allowing you to fully stretch your legs and achieve a wonderful nights rest. It is made from lightweight nylon and has a spacious fabric size of 260cm x 130cm allowing you to lay down with a friend or loved one! The built-in netting keeps you safe from mosquitoes and other pesky bugs while the included straps keep the net up and off of your head and body, preventing any feelings of claustrophobia!

Premium Materials

Our premium thick rip-stop nylon is lightweight while also being waterproof and fire-resistant. During manufacturing, thick reinforcement threading is interwoven at in a crosshatch pattern resulting in resistance to tearing and ripping. This amazing material allows the Star-Sleeper hammock tent to be extremely durable yet still only weigh .7KG!

Convenient & Versatile

The Star-Sleeper Hammock Tent sets up and tears down in less than 3 minutes. When used with one of our premium tree-straps, they can be attached to many different tree or pole sizes, shapes, and distances! The built-in stuff-sac is sewn-in at the middle of the hammock, allowing easy single-person repacking without needing to ever let the hammock touch the ground! Setup is as easy as attaching a tree-strap, hooking the hammocks carabiner to the strap, and pulling the hammock out of the built-in stuff sack!


Additional information

Fabric size

260cm x 130cm


Ripstop Nylon


.7 KG

Max Bearing Weight

300 KG


Black, Camouflage, Gray, Dark Gray, Gray Blue, Orange Gray, Blue, Pink

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